hmmmm, I dunno what I am and there.more its just I want to say “Goodbye” !

Over my life I work with them as each year it was $2,200 how long has it been now? 3 or 4 years so does that mean I get $8,800 to buy a new PC without indexing the sepc’s system huh? :p As I want to say good by to Galisa and Papa from 11 Thana Street East Bentligh as my PC is finished using the UNIX terminator!

BCF9: I can’t use it as I can’t play games  awwwww
Reactor of fees into the work of a moon face and  holding the .network of each PC system in my home base business measure at a point of time to understand the .metric’s

I would like to buy a new computer “GOD Like” as once I have it I will play with my best friend “Star Fish” and also a common rules is I want to say Good by to FaceBook! Alan Loi

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