The sound of a card

In this time there is a string to know how to do some. But then again it may reverse into the teleport for the 5th division to con-try itself into the hate if there’s one. The sound card is the long time with no string attached and then it dissolve itself into the order if they found one. In this way the class of 8 9 10 and the sub of 1 2 4 is the tray of the element to hate the sound card and to noun the desilt itself into the order of this;


The under colour of this wing is the pro-sound of the sound card and to share for if there needed is consult itself into the border of 8 it……The sound card will not move on to the car if there is one, if there is one due to this sound it gives out the core of the align before thereafter if there is a string to it it deserve the on to me. The, this sound card is the strong sound of a wave before there is a hire of me to know that the door has been open but then again it still desilt itself into the order of this;


One thought on “The sound of a card

  1. This sound is the on so to me to be with and within this time it control the sound. If it uneven out the data core of the percentages lower the cost price to be in with and then it control the sound of a wave. In this way it tells you to develop the next sound to be in with before it hire me to make the “a” sound and to live longer. Within my heart and soul it gives out the string of the alignment of time before it hire me to sick the pay and to develop the next sound. Even though it sounds like a wave Tron with maths of physics and to control the next sound. If it even out the core of the next message to find a clue of the next one it deserve the percent to costs the sound and to even out the core.

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